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Review Of UK upskirts

For all of you who have longed to slide your hand along that piece of thigh you see as the skirt rides up when that girl you're watching on the train crosses her legs, this is the site for you; it's the ultimate tease that will keep you hard for hours!

UK Upskirts is literally just up skirt shots of UK babes and that's all you get. This might sound like a bad thing to some of you, but to me (who personally loves upskirt shots) it's perfect. This is yet another example of a fetish site that concentrates on the fetish and not all the crap that goes alongside the porn!

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What's the content like, what do I get?

You get lots of upskirt action with this, as you would imagine. The content is mixed between pictures and videos and it's pretty original all round. You won't just find studio shots of models bending over etc, there are also outdoor shoots and various other examples; I won't spoil it too much, go along and take the tour.

•  Pictures. The pictures are all downloadable, of the best quality you can imagine and they've always got something new to show you. When you get a set of pictures you don't just have to put up with what some greasy kid has decided you get to look at, you get the whole set from the shoot and you can download them all and take your own personal pick of them.

•  Videos. The videos really can focus on the fetish of watching someone, hoping to get a glimpse of their panties up their skirt, except of course, with this being a specialist upskirt site, you are guaranteed the peak you're after. The girls are all absolutely gorgeous and you can get profiles of them all onsite too, where you can see the videos they're in. Believe me, you will get some favourites on this site.

Is the site updated regularly?

UK Upskirts is updated on a weekly basis without fail; so far anyway. I have to be careful about writing that, simply because some sites have stopped producing updates regularly and it makes me look a fool. Not this one however. As long as I've been a member they haven't missed a week.

How much is it and how often do I have to pay?

To begin with, you can pay for this site with more payment methods than I've seen on a site in a long time. You get: telephone billing, credit cards, online checks, to name a few. You can also choose to have your membership recurring or non recurring. The basic round about price for this is in Euros so don't ask me to do the conversion: 19.95 for 30 days, or 54.95 for 90 days (non recurring).


Overall you're not going to get a paysite that gives you genuine UK upskirt shots and videos like this anywhere else on the internet. For this reason alone I give it a pretty high ranking; and the price is pretty damn good too!

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