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Review Of UK road trips

Do any of you remember Summer Holiday with Cliff Richard? You know, the big red London bus that they do up and take touring around Europe? Well this website isn't like that, it's better; it's a little more like a porno version of Summer Holiday. It's about Marino and his friends taking their little bus around the UK cruising for pussy on the way. It's pretty much every man's dream to do what this crew do and believe me when they get the girls to comply with what they're after, all the action is good!

These guys basically chat to girls on their travels and see if they want to go cruising around in the van for a while and then maybe get out and have a screw. There are some great outdoor sex movies on this site, as well as some fantastic group sex scenes.

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What's the content like, what do I get?

Of course this is the number one question. Well you get some pretty hot porno guys fucking as many girls and women as they can as they trek along the UK cruising for pieces of ass!

•  Videos . The videos are all excellent quality and fully downloadable. They are also really fucking good. The majority of them are group sex, simply because that's the way Marino and his crew like to roll; they don't mind other's joining in either if it feels right! You get a little bit of a story to the movie before you watch it by reading an excellent write up of the events; these guys really do go all out for presentation. The action is as hot as porno goes to be perfectly honest. You gets lots of blow jobs in the back of the van and when the guys actually get somewhere there is a whole lot more partying and fucking to be done.

•  Pictures. There are exclusive picture sets to each and every movie that features on the site, and not only that, there are also exclusive picture sets that do not feature as a movie. The pictures are also fully downloadable and of the most excellent standard in production.

•  Bonus Content . When you sign up for UK Road Trips you also get membership to 15 other websites, including: Anal Slurp, Creamed on Glasses, Seventeen Live, Sleep Surprise, to name just a few. They're all updated regularly with great content.

Is the site updated regularly?

This site is updated just as regularly as any other well managed UK porn site. You'll see at least one update each week from the moment you sign up as a member. If there are photos and videos available then you might even see two a week! However, putting that aside for a moment, you're going to have enough on your plate looking through the stuff that's already there!

How much is it and how often do I have to pay?

It'll cost you 19.95 Euros if you sign up today and then it will cost you the same each month until you cancel your membership. Remember that if you're going to sign up to a recurring billing membership you will need to keep a check of when the money will be deducted from your bank account or credit card.


Overall it's a good site, there aren't as many updates as you'd like all the time, but the when they do arrive they are grade A movies and pictures. The sites navigation is very good, you can get where you're going easily from the member's area and if you can't then you have more problems than you know!

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