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Review Of The Chav Van?

The Chav Van is quite literally a van; that's it really. The van is inhabited by two of the most shrewd minds in UK porn history. I say this because the two guys in question: Willy and Justin, have discovered a micro niche site that is doing so well, even they couldn't have predicted it. Their dedication to their work is truly admirable, but not as good as the content they provide onsite.

The basic idea is that the Chav Van cruises council estates in the UK looking for amateur chav sluts to perform dirty deeds in the back of the van. Willy and Justin film the girls playing with themselves and fucking one of their friends whom they call Woody Nobbit! Woody gets to screw most of the chavettes on the website, and he really loves it.

This is like no other UK porn site you've seen before because the stuff you get is laced with a thick layer of tongue in cheek. The humour surrounding the whole idea of these guys cruising the council estates looking for free porn stars is hilarious, and some of the dialogue really does make you laugh out loud.

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What's the content like, what do I get?

You get everything you would expect from a hardcore amateur porn site. There are pictures and videos; the staple content of all good porno sites. You really don't need much on top of this however, and to be perfectly honest the videos are perfectly adequate on their own. If you go and take one of the free tours then you'll see for yourself that the movies are worth seeing. There is a feature on the Chav Van that is my particular favourite and this is when they boys hide their friend Woody Nobbit in the van and reveal a wood panel with a hole in to the girls when they stop the van. It is of course a glory hole and Woody's cock comes poking out to feed the hungry chav sluts, all eager to swallow it down there and then on their council estate.

Although there are always random UK girls appearing on the Chav Van each time they update the site, there are also a number of regulars that keep popping up from time to time. Some of these babes aren't exactly amateur, but it still feels kind of alright to feature them, especially when you hear them interact with the boys; their dialogue is certainly that of a cheap ass chav slut. You may see the likes of the lovely Welsh porn star Shay Hendrix if you look around the site; and I can tell you when you've seen her sucking off Woody Nobbit you've seen it all!

Is the site updated regularly?

Yes it is, it's updated weekly without fail. The Chav Van has become so popular, and it has so many members that they couldn't get away without updating it weekly to be honest; there would be a lynch mob touring the council estates of the UK looking for Willy and Justin to get some more chavette action. When you get an update with the Chav Van it's always a good one too, with fresh girls and fresh action. And it's always funny!

How much is it and how often do I have to pay?

The website will cost you a mere £15.53 a month on a recurring billing system. Believe me its well worth the money, because once you get access to the whole site you can download everything on there; it might take you a while though. However you need to consider that the monthly price is also worth the updates you're going to get each month too. You get at least one update a week; so four updates for £15.53, on top of the content that's already there is a wonderful deal.


Even if you're not into porno it's worthwhile signing up for the Chav Van if only for the comedy from Willy, Justin and Woody Nobbit. I have to admit that I've never come across a funnier site when it comes to porno; if you don't pull your cock off by wanking too hard, you'll be sure to laugh it off!

So if you feel like you'd like to take a ride in the van go on over and take the free tour now!

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