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Review Of suburban amateurs

You've all walked through those housing estates that all look pretty much the same haven't you? And I bet you've all walked past those windows with all the fancy stuff inside, you know, the stupid vases that only have a few twigs in and things like that, and wondered just who is fucking in there. I know I have, and that is what this website is dedicated to friends; the unknown, or rather what you'd like it to be like.

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Full review of suburban amateurs
What's the content like, what do I get?

You get some of the hottest, most unlikely adult stars the UK has to offer. These babes are the type you've just walked past when you were on your way to work, or taking the kids to school. These women stay home while their husbands are in the city all day, and what do they do? They play with themselves, get dressed up and mess around having fun. These ones pose for the camera however:

•  Pictures . The pictures you get here are all amateur housewife pics, but just because they're amateur it doesn't mean they don't look good; on the contrary, these pictures are awesome and they're of the highest quality you could expect considering the circumstances. When you become a member you have access to all the pictures and you can download every last one of them to your PC, laptop or mobile device.

•  Videos . The movies are also great quality, and they're also fully downloadable. When you have a collection of these vids on your PC you'll know that your membership fees have been well worth it. The length of the movies is pretty good and just long enough to knock one out to; if there's anything I hate, it's a movie that goes on and on and on and you always seem to shoot your lot too soon and miss the best bit at the end! There are loads of movies on site too, so it's a good time to join and download them all!

•  Forum . This is where you can chat to the other members and the girls who feature on the site. It's a pretty exciting area considering that all the babes are amateur, genuine stay at home wives and girlfriends etc. While their husbands are in London or wherever banging their secretaries, their women are at home chatting guys up on the forum and getting up to goodness knows what else.

•  Bonus Sites . When you become a member of this site you also get instant access to six other great sites. The other sites are good too, and not that usual collection of five gazillion websites that are all shit. You get six carefully selected and regularly updated websites here.

Is the site updated regularly?

This site is updated on a weekly basis with some of the most original solo amateur stuff I've seen. And let me tell you this, it ain't easy to make solo stuff interesting! The girls make it so good simply because they love playing with themselves! You'll get at least one video and one set of pictures every week.

How much is it and how often do I have to pay?

Suburban Amateurs can be yours for £19.57 a month, but it's available from 30 days up to 120 days, you just have to select the package you want and whether or not you don't mind being rebilled; watch out for those things!


Overall it's great. This site really satisfies your thirst for knowledge when it comes to those quite suburban streets. And guess what? You get just what you thought was behind those curtains: plenty of housewives getting really wrong and dirty!

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