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Review Of real punting

Basically this site is dedicated to showing you what it's like to be with an escort, and when i say dedicated i really mean it. The site is absolutely stacked with real escort doing real clients. I don't know for the life of me why the clients have agreed to be filmed doing a hooker, but they have; perhaps they get a free one or something! Now there's an idea.

There are the usual reasons for joining a website like this: it's porn, and there are loads of vids and stuff to jerk off over, but the main reason is that it acts as the best online director of UK escorts you're ever likely to come across. Why not watch the hooker you plan to hire in action before you hire her? Sounds good doesn't it?

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What's the content like, what do I get?

As far as a porn site is concerned you get the best videos of real escorts on the Internet. You really won't find anywhere else quite like it, and believe me i've tried! All the movies are taken with the permission of the escort being filmed so it's all above board, and the quality doesn't suffer due to a hidden camera or anything like that; we've all see those dreadful videos where you can barely see anything going on because of the poor quality.

The videos are real too. I mean that they are not feature length porn movies like you see on American sites where the guy has been given drugs or whatever to make him fuck for an hour before he shoots his load; the girls on this site actually struggle to prevent their clients from cumming too soon! The guys behave in much the same way as another ordinary guy would if he were to hire an escort; they're all super horny and dying to get their rocks off.

There are picture sets too if you'd rather get a longer look at a particular position or act. These pictures are surprisingly real good quality considering that they are taken at the time of a real punt. You can download them all to your PC or mobile device just like the videos so you can view them at your leisure wherever and whenever you like.

•  The Forum. This is another great feature and it allows users to communicate with others about their experiences and perhaps trade tips about hiring escorts. There's always something good to chat about on this forum, it's one of the busiest I've seen in quite a while; but then I suppose the escort business is quite popular.

Is the site updated regularly?

This one is updated weekly, so it makes you think that the guys who make the content on this site must be getting laid a lot the lucky bastards! The updates come in the form of at least one video and a set of pictures every week, and it's always good content, usually from a different girl using various different punters, doing lots of dirty stuff.

How much is it and how often do I have to pay?

This one is a bargain if ever I've seen one, and it's much cheaper than actually hiring a real hooker (sorry, escort!). There are three main ways in which you can pay:

•  $34.99 for 30 days membership – recurring membership (re-billed every 30 days automatically)

•  $44.99 for 30 days membership – non-recurring (no need to cancel this one it will stop after the 30 days)

•  $84.99 for 90 days membership – non-recurring (as above)


Overall the price seems fair and the content is vast and of the greatest quality you can get. Value for money is written all over this website, particularly when you consider that you have “real” reality movies to watch and download.

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