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Review Of real couples

Real Couples is a website that is actually dedicated to REAL couples. You've all seen those staged and “reality” based websites that claim to be true amateur porn etc, but this one is the real deal; you can believe me because I've spent most of my time lately scouring the vast profiles etc onsite.

When you become a member of this site you will see some of the hottest babes in the UK parading around and fucking their partners. You'll want to be cynical and suggest that they're not real couples, but after you've watched a couple of the movies you'll know I'm right!

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What's the content like, what do I get?

Well you get a huge amount of couples' videos. When I say a huge amount I don't say it lightly either I would go back and count all the videos but there are quite literally too many. This is a good thing and once you become a member you are guaranteed to be able to watch or download something different every time you visit. This is why realcouples.co.uk can boast the biggest collection of genuine amateur British couples on the internet. You might be looking through the list of couples onsite and think you've seen a UK porn star there. If you do you're right, porn stars have relationships too you know, and just because they work in the adult industry it doesn't block them from this website; real couples only on this site and they are indeed real couples!

•  Videos. The videos are all in HD quality and fully downloadable to your PC or mobile device so you can watch them whenever you like, and now wherever you like. I like the video content because the couples always seem to mix it up a bit and get dressed for the occasion often with amateur porn you'll find some skanky housewife in an apron and a laddered pair of tights getting fucked in the ass by a fat builder. At least this website picks some good ones!

•  Pictures . Again, like the videos, these are also excellent quality and fully downloadable. This is particularly handy because some of those picture sets are really quite large. When you get a set it takes quite a while to look through them all. The best way to view them is slideshow in my opinion; it allows a “hands free” option if you know what I mean!

•  The blog. There is also a blog onsite and it's all to do with the guys and girls who feature on the Real Couples website. It also has some quite interesting adult industry news and it's generally fun to read.

•  Bonus sites. With this website membership you also get access to another 15 websites, all with a different theme or covering different niches; you're bound to find something you like out of the group, and considering you haven't paid for them you can't really complain.

Is the site updated regularly?

This website is updated at least every week with video and picture content. This is good for a UK adult paysite, and when you consider that you'll also get access to the other bonus sites, they'll be more updates than you can handle each week!

How much is it and how often do I have to pay?

You can choose to pay from three different packages, all depending on what you can afford and how long you want to sign up for:

•  You can pay for 30 days access that works out at 68p a day

•  You can pay for 90 days access that works out at 58p a day

•  You can pay for 180 days access that works out at 39p a day

Obviously the longer you sign up for the less you have to pay in the long run, but it all depends on what you can afford at the time. Whichever package you elect to sign up for you will have to pay the full amount of days up front. It's still very good value whichever package you can afford, and when you can download it all you needn't be a member for long anyway!


This is a great UK porn site and it just goes to show that you don't need to be working out of a studio in LA to make really good quality hardcore pornography. Up the Brits is what I say!

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