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Review Of pin up wow

Pin up wow boasts the sub heading: modern beauties, pin up cuties. The basis of this site has it's grass roots in the vintage pin up genre, and all the girls seem to be dressed up in 1950s style clothing and shot on backgrounds similar to those that you would have found in “gentleman's” publications from that era.

This shouldn't put you off though! On the contrary, those pinups back then were popular and I'll tell you that when you see the way these ones are presented you realise that the appeal hasn't been lost.

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Full review of pin up wow
What's the content like, what do I get?

•  Pictures . With it being a pinup site you can expect to find lots and lots of pictures there, and when I say lots and lots of pictures I really mean it! I've lost count of the number of pics these guys have on site; they claim around 99768 images I think. The sets are fun and really well presented. I get the feeling that they are intended to satisfy the fetish of those guys out there who love the 1950s girly mag look, but to be honest, out of all the people I've spoken to I haven't yet met one that doesn't like the style.

•  Videos . The videos are all done in the same vain. The outfits are the same and the girls look fantastic, with happy smiling faces just like the girls of yesteryear. The videos, like the picture sets are basically a glorified striptease, and they look really fucking good. I can't remember when we stopped liking this stuff in favour of seeing pussy spread apart with huge dildos rammed in there; it's time to take it back down to basics and have a crafty wank in the shed like our grandfathers did.

•  Interactive gallery . This is a pleasant little feature and it involves you getting an interactive slideshow going on the screen while you jerk off. This would have been what our grandfathers would have wanted, to see all those front page glossy, girly mag babes scrolling in front of their very eyes.

•  Forums . The forums will allow members to chat with each other about what and who they've seen on site and it will also give them the opportunity to discuss things with the content creators and the models that put the shoots together; this is a really good community of people who enjoy what they do.

Is the site updated regularly?

Hell, this website is the best one I've reviewed when it comes to updates. You get an update every day with Pinup Wow! That's right I said every day! There is a new lipstick and lace girl every day to get your heart racing and your cock hard as a cricket bat.

How much is it and how often do I have to pay?

There are several different payment plans to choose from. You need to be aware of the ones that will be rebilled every month:

•  $24.95 for 30 days access recurring

•  $39.95 for 60 days access recurring

•  $49.95 for 90 days access recurring

•  $69.95 for 180 days one off fee

•  $99.95 for 365 days one off fee – Best Value!


So overall it's an impressive and very refreshing site. The moment I saw it I wanted to sign up and I'm pretty sure you're going to feel the same. Go and take the free tour and see for yourself.

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