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Review Of my satin

My satin is purely a fetish site for those of you out there who cannot get enough of silk and satin; it's that simple really. You guys who are into this, I have to take my hat off to you, since I discovered it I've been on it virtually every day waiting for the updates; and when they arrive I've been on it for even longer!

There is something about a silk and satin fetish that doesn't require you to see any sexual acts: penetration, sucking, or anything like that. The lover of silk and satin doesn't get his thrill that way, he uses his imagination. It's the material and the look that gets you in the end, not the sex. The sex has to be invented in your head because only your own imagination could do it justice.

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What's the content like, what do I get?

The content is the same as any other adult site but without the sex. You get pictures and videos of various (very sexy) girls dressed up in the most beautiful silk and satin garments you could ever imagine. They stroke themselves and show you their silk panties and flashes of their bra through satin blouses, but they won't get naked and they won't engage in any sex with anyone! This is purely brilliant!

•  The pictures . The pictures are terrific! Because there's no real sex on the site these pictures need to be provocative; and they certainly are. The producers of this content have really done their homework with the girls and the outfits that they wear. On top of all this is the fact that they are excellent quality and fully downloadable to your PC or mobile device.

•  The videos . As with the pictures the videos are excellent quality and fully downloadable, but with the videos you get an extra layer of course. When you watch these you actually get to see the girls move in their silky attire, and even hear the material move and slide against their young, soft skin. This is an element you just can't get with the pictures, so to get the video and a picture set to go alongside is a definite must. The movies are all around 10-20 minutes in length, which by my reckoning is perfect timing for knocking one out to!

Is the site updated regularly?

Yes it is. My Satin is updated at least every week with one set of pictures and a video. Ever since I've been watching and enjoying this site I've never known them miss an update.

How much is it and how often do I have to pay?

You are billed discretely by CCBill per month at £21.40. I would suggest that this price is pretty damn good considering that there aren't many sites out there that cater for this fetish; and there are none that tease in the way this one does!


I was pleasantly surprised with the content on this site and the price. At first I thought that £21 was a lot of money to pay for no fucking, but once you get into the fetish further and further you soon realise that it's money well spent and the fucking is just something you can do without; why would you want to watch a porn actor fucking one of these girls if he really doesn't appreciate the fetish in the same way as you?

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