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Review Of Jim Slip

At first when someone mentioned Jimslip.com to me I thought it would literally be about girls wearing gym slips, but how wrong I was. It is of course the name of the star of the show, the very filthy Mr Jim Slip. Of course it's not his real name, I wouldn't assume you were that stupid, but you have to admit it's pretty fucking funny.

The whole idea of the website is another reality porn spin off; except unlike many of them out there, this one is actually quite good! The naughty, filthy Mr Slip searches the streets, alleys and country roads for unsuspecting females to proposition. When I say proposition I do quite literally mean asking them if they fancy a fuck. You'd be amazed how many of them will go for it, especially when they're offered a bit of cash but be warned, if you're wife is out shopping on her own she might just feature on this site, depending on where in the UK Mr Slip is at the time!

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Full review of Jim Slip
What's the content like, what do I get?

You get quite a lot for your money on this website, but probably what stands out more than anything is the diverse range of porno you get from Jim Slip because this guy travels all over the place and propositions normal women (often with a lot of success), you never get the same sort of scene twice.

•  Videos . The videos are great, real HD quality movies, they're original and well produced. When you get an update in the movies you can be pretty damn sure that it hasn't been done on the website before or that it was at least done a long time ago. Jim likes to keep things nice and fresh when it comes to making movies.

•  Slut pictures . You can also get access to a database of all the “sluts” as Jim likes to call them, that have ever appeared onsite. There are often a few pictures and a little bio about each one of them; it's surprising to know how many of these babes, who have never been approached about porno before, are willing to show themselves off on his website.

•  Live Sluts . This is a new feature I believe, and I haven't yet had the opportunity to try it out properly, but the basic idea is that you can get Jim's street sluts live on camera. That's right, once Jim Slip has broken them in they can't stay away from the adult industry; it pays them too well!

Is the site updated regularly?

Yes it certainly is. This website couldn't fail to be updated regularly simply because Jim won't stop going out picking up young girls to fuck in all manner of ways! He is so busy touring the country looking for babes that I often wonder how he finds the energy to keep it up when it comes to the moment of truth!

There is usually at least one update a week on Jim Slip, so it's more than worthwhile getting a membership, just for the updates.

How much is it and how often do I have to pay?

Jim Slip will cost you a very reasonable 29.95 Euro (no I don't know the current exchange rate, go and look it up). This fee is then billed again to you every month at the same time on a recurring billing cycle and it will continue until you cancel it.


Overall, that Jim Slip is one hell of a lucky bastard and I think that it's way past time he realised that he could make more money by selling more content; what he needs is another guy porn star – I'm available!

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