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Review Of Exxxposers

It is what it says it is and whatever it suggests to you is more than likely true. This is packed to the brim with porno in public places. If what you're after is fucking in the park or blowjobs in the car then you've come to the right place. The great thing about this is that it really is real. There are many mock up reality flashing and public sex websites out there, but the truth is that they have whole teams of actors that pretend to be the passersby and the other people on the bus etc. This site isn't like that at all. It has all the elements of those dreadful websites but it's 100% genuine.

When you see a babe open her coat on the bus on this website you can bet your bottom dollar that it's real. You can see that it's real from the rather worried expression on the girl's face when she's doing it it's kind of a mixture between excitement and fear!

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What's the content like, what do I get?

You get what you came for with this site, that is for sure. I've already mentioned that it's real amateur stuff on this site, and not just that shit you get that pretends to be. The main bulk of the site is video content. The video content is good quality, despite the fact that the people in the shoots are amateurs. There's obviously good lighting and equipment and all the stuff that delivers you HD quality movies, but it's clear that the production team have just found really good spots with just enough risk of getting caught to make it interesting.

Because of the nature of some of the shoots, not all the videos are very long. But then, saying that, if you're a true fan of voyeurism, outdoor sex and exposure you'll know that this is to be tolerated and indeed enjoyed. A typical movie will be a woman walking in a seemingly innocent manner, perhaps at a train station or in the park, and then she'll open her coat and reveal that she's wearing nothing but a pair of stockings and boots. This is every man's fantasy. How many of us watch women walking in the street and imagine what they might be wearing underneath.

Bonus Content

You'll also get access to 15 other porno sites when you become a member of Exxxposers. These sites are good quality and feature quite a few updates too. You'll get sites such as:

•  Bad Girls Punished

•  Handjob Heaven

•  Amateur and homemade porn

... to name only a few

It's worth signing up as a member just to get your hands on the bonus sites!

Is the site updated regularly?

It certainly is. There appears to be no end of women out there that want to expose themselves on camera for this website. It makes you wonder what they're getting paid in order to do this, or whether they're doing it just for the kicks it really looks as though they might be getting off on it, which makes the videos even more enjoyable to watch.

You'll get at least one update each week, but I can imagine that this will never run dry like some websites; you are unlikely to ever miss an update with this one!

How much is it and how often do I have to pay?

You can choose to pay from three different packages, all depending on what you can afford and how long you want to sign up for:

•  You can pay for 30 days access that works out at 0.33 a day

•  You can pay for 90 days access that works out at 0.83 a day

•  You can pay for 180 days access that works out at 0.55 a day

This is an excellent value for money website no matter which option you choose.


I love flashers (women of course) and if you do to then this is the site for you. Exxxposers will always deliver you 100% genuine and exclusive content.

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