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Review Of Emma and Zac

Emma and Zak are a genuine amateur couple who have a website dedicated to their horny exploits. The way I read it is that these guys would be fucking and sucking whoever they could get their hands on anyway, so why not have a website and make a few quid from the visitors?

This is certainly what they have decided to do, and it's clear when you view their content that they're having an enormously good time doing it. They both look really horny and up for anything and they have bodies like porno stars anyway; if they didn't do this amateur stuff for themselves they would more than likely have been snapped up by a large UK adult production company.

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Full review of Emma and Zac
What's the content like, what do I get?

You get everything that you would expect to get from any other adult site out there at the moment. The website is modelled on the solo porn site model, where you get pictures and videos of the girl or guy when you sign up. This one is much better because you get the guy and the girl for the same amount of money, and you not only get to see them fucking and sucking each other, you also get to see them doing it to as many different people as they can. I'm talking about one hell of a sex mad couple here folks.

•  Pictures . The pictures on site are excellent quality, despite all of them being amateur in production. You can also download all the content you want to your PC via the easily downloadable files they have onsite.

•  Videos . These are what I live for on this site. Although I rely on the picture sets for the various movies to get my close up fix, the action is really where all the hot stuff happens. The dialogue and the noises these horny fuckers make really prove to you that it's actual amateur porn and these people are not actors trying to pull the wool over your eyes.

•  Phone Number . Yes that's right, you read it correctly. You can also go on site and call them up on their genuine mobile phone number! I haven't tried it yet because I'm scared of actually talking to them, but you might be a little braver than I am. There is also a member's only phone number that allows you to contact the couple directly!

•  Private Member Meetings . You may well get lucky with this site folks. They also boast that you can meet the stars of the site when you become a member; now that's something you don't get very often isn't it?

Is the site updated regularly?

Yes it is. You often find that these amateur sites are updated without fail and that's another reason that they're so appealing these days. Those US highly produced porno sites might look very glossy and fantastic but sometimes you struggle to get the updates, or if you do get them they're not very imaginative. At least with this one you'll find the updates well thought out.

How much is it and how often do I have to pay?

For all this content and everything that might come from actually meeting the stars of the show, you only pay £26.10 a month on a recurring billing system, or £51.62 for 6 months service non-recurring.


I've yet to meet them or even talk to them, but I know that's next on my list. A website that offers all this has to be worth its money doesn't it?

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