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Review Of Ben Dover

Well it's not his real name I hope; if it is then his parents were sadistic bastards! Ben Dover is the stage name of this wonderful guy. I call him wonderful because he heads up the production on this wonderful website and has created a brand name that anyone into porn knows about.

Originally Ben Dover was just a porn actor, and he was available only on DVD and then the internet revolution pushed this guy onto the net. Now you can see Ben and his loyal entourage of fuck buddies and newcomers whenever you want.

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Full review of Ben Dover
What's the content like, what do I get?

Of course, you would ask that question wouldn't you? And the answer is that you get a hell of a lot of filthy, hardcore porn content. This comes primarily in video format, but you can also get great picture sets to browse through and download.

The Videos.

The videos are what Ben Dover is most famous for of course, and if you didn't know this already then you must have been hiding away under the stairs for the last 20 years like Harry fucking Potter! Ben likes to make it real, and he also likes to film the UK babes the most. Sometimes he will begin filming the girls he's about to fuck from the moment he meets them and checks them out. This makes the video fantastic and the video editing gives the movies a level of realism that is rarely achieved in an adult movie production mind you, if Ben Dover can't do it with all the experience he's had, then no-one can.

He really does have a way with the young girls and they all seem to want to work with him in the UK. If you're a porn actress in the UK then your goal surely is to work with, or at least for, Ben Dover. This guy has fucked all the greats in the UK porn industry and he's ready to fuck a whole lot more. What's more about Ben is that he always seems to get the most of the girls he works with. If Ben Dover suggests to a girl that she takes it in the ass, you can pretty much guarantee that she will; he has this magnetism and charisma that they just seem unable to resist; personally I think he's an ugly old bastard, but hey, I'm not fucking him!

All the videos are optimised to look their very best on your PC, Mac or whatever the fuck you're using; and you can download all the stuff quickly and easily. Ben Dover is certainly a site that enables you to get your content easily and quickly!

Is the site updated regularly?

Being a star like Ben Dover, you don't need to worry about getting enough footage for updates. Hell, Ben has women queuing outside his offices in order to get fucked by him on camera. You are guaranteed at least one update each week but it's usually much more than this; I suppose it all depends on just how busy Ben is!

How much is it and how often do I have to pay?

The all important question! This one isn't too bad at all, and considering you get the star of the multi award winning video series Ben Dover you're getting a bargain at any price really. Ben features content that other sites specialise in and tries to give you his all round expertise as much as he can with stuff like: lots of anal, pissing, double penetrations and much more. The cost varies depending on how you want to pay:

•  Annually Gold Membership for $124.95 this works out at $10.41 a month.

•  Quarterly Silver Membership for $74.85 this works out at $24.95 a month.

•  Monthly Bronze Membership for $34.95 a month.

This means if you pick the gold package you could be getting all this content and all the updates for less than £2 a weeks in pounds sterling! Fuck, that's less than 50p a week.


Overall a wonderful site, produced by, and staring a wonderful porn actor. Ben Dover really does do you proud on this website folks! Well worth a membership.

Visit Ben Dover

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